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Is Nothing Sacred? When sex Invades the Pastoral Relationship” by Marie Fortune. the story of a Pastor, the Women He Sexually Abused and the Congregation He Nearly Destroyed. ( 4/1/2008) (ISBN 978-1556358623 ).

What God Hath Joined“, Pamela (Shoop) Sweeney & Terrence Sweeney, Ballantine Books, a true story of Hollywood actress Pamela Shoop and Roman Catholic Jesuit Father Terrence Sweeney. (IBN 034538203X) (April 13,1993).

“Priest weds Former Parishioner”, ( .”Priest weds former parishioner”- ( )

“The Mission: Former Jesuit Priest Has A Dream: He Want the Catholic Church to Embrace Married Clerics–Both Male and Female” – Los Angeles times.  (  ).

Love is Always“, Michael Miles, William Morrow Press. (1/1/1988) (ISBN 0380704315, ISBN 978-0380704316 ). A Catholic priest who marries a woman.

“A Church Divided: The Vatican Versus American Catholics”, by Terrance A. Sweeney, (ISBN 9780879757359). (3/1/1992) (ISBN 978-0879757359 ).

Shattered Vows“, David Rice, Triumph Books, (ISBN -89243-507-8) (Ligouri Press, 1 Ligouri Drive, Ligouri, MO 63057, Tel: 1-800-464-2555).( ) .

A Secret World and the Search for Celibacy“, A.W. Richard Sipe, 1990 (ISBN 978-0876305850 ).

Priests, Power and Sex“, A. W. Richard Sipe, Brunner/Mazel (to order call 1-800-825-3089). (4/1/1995) (ISBN 978-0876307694 ).

Celibacy, Gift or Law?“, Heinz-Jurgen Vogels , Sheed and Ward, 1993, (ISBN 1556 126530, 9781556126536 ), Heinz J. Vogels  was born in Berlin in 1933, ordained a priest in 1959. Obtained a doctorate in Theology in 1975 and in 1978 published the original version of this book. In 1979 he married Renate Schwarz and was suspended from his priestly duties. since 1986 he has been a member of the executive committee of the International Federation of Married Priests.

“Vatican’s Secret Rules for Catholic Priests Who Have Children”,  by Jason Horowitz and Elisabetta Povoledo, The New York Times- ROME, (August 28, 2019) “It’s the next scandal,” said Vincent Doyle, the son of a priest. “There are kids everywhere.” (Vincent Doyle is Administrator of network for Adult children of priests and religious.(

Free Priests-The Movement for Ministerial Reform in the American Catholic Church”, by William F. Powers, (Loyola University Press), (1992) ( ISBN 9780829407297 ).

A Catholic Bill of Rights“, Denise L. Carmody, edited by Leonard Swidler and HerbertO’Brien, Sheed and Ward, 1988, (to order call 800-333-7373).

A Passion for Priests“, by Claire Jenkins. About a Women’s Support group in England who have been in relationships with RC priests. (4/6,1995) (ISBN 978-0747225324 ).

“In Love with A Priest: Support Groups Spread”, ( )

Forbidden Fruit“, by Annie Murphy. Annie’s version of the relationship she had with Bishop Eamonn Casey  and their subsequent son, Peter. (Ireland). (1992) (Hachette Book Group) (ISBN 978-0-316-08416-1 ).

Wives of Catholic Clergy“, by Rev. Joseph Fichter, S.J. (Sheed and Ward)(&/1/1992)  Jesuit Priest and professor presents the “history of the wives of the Apostles, bishops, presbyters and deacons of early Christianity through to present day. In America, as elsewhere, the role and status of Catholic women is changing.” (ISBN 978-1556124747).

Married to a Catholic Priest- A Journey of Faith“, by Mary Vincent Dally .(Loyola Press 1988). The forward is by Eusebius Beltran the former TC Bishop of Tulsa. Mary’s book is about her and her husband’s (Father Peter Daly) experience leaving the Episcopalian priesthood and becoming a RC priest.

“Forbidden Fruit: The True Story of My Secret Love Affair with Ireland’s Most Powerful Bishop”, by Annie Murphy. and Peter de Rosa, (May 1st, 1993) Kindle, hardback or paperback, (ISB 04463655238, ISBN: 978-0446365239 ). “Reveals the true story behind Annie Murphy’s secret affair with Eamonn Casey, who became Bishop of Galway, Ireland, the birth of their son, her years of hardship, and the publicity surrounding the 1992 disclosure of the coverup.”

“Fall from Grace: The Life of Eamonn Casey”, by Joe Broderick , (1992) (ISBN -10: 0863221505, ISBN-13: 978-0863221507 ).

“Eamonn Casey, the bishop whose scandal changed the church in Ireland, dies aged 89”,  National Catholic Reporter, ( ).

“The Most Rev. Eamonn Casey obituary”, Catholicism, The Guardian, (2017)( ).

“Father Cleary, Bishop Casey, Pope John Paul II in Ireland”, by Niall O’Dowd (May 29, 2018) Irish, ( ).

“Bishop Eamon Casey Raped His Neice (5) and Assaulted Other Children”,  Irish Central Staff, (March 26, 2019) Irish Centralcom, ( ).

“Niece of Disgraced Bishop Casey Claims he abused her from the age of five”, Bishop Eamonn Casey: Pedophile? The Myth?”)(-The Irish News (March 25, 2019) ( ) ( her-from-the-age-of-five-1581280/  ).

“Annie Murphy:Bishop Eamonn Casey sexual abuse accusers”, “Bishop Eamonn Casey’s lover believes accuser should talk.”, By Paddy Clancy,  (April 4, 2019), ( ).

“Bishop Eamonn Casey accused of sexually abusing three women as children”, by ( bishop-eamonn-casey-accused-of-sexually-abusing-three-women-as-children-1.3838299 ).

An Imbalance of Power“, by Pat Bond. (August 4, 2014), Kindle books and paperback (ASIN: B00ECJH030) , Publisher & Editor: Norm Goldman: “Pat Bond’s life got off to a rough start. Sent to an orphanage at the age of four, she became a shy, quiet child. Years later, divorced from her high school sweetheart and the mother of three young children, she found herself romantically involved with the priest in whom she had placed her trust. Together, they had a son, who died in 2009 after years of rejection by his father and members of the Franciscan order of the Roman Catholic Church.”

“Father Henry, a secret father”,, Nathan Halbach’s father is the priest who baptized him, Henry Willenborg …His mother, Pat Bond, has been taking care of him full time. (November 13, 2009) (AC360) ( )

“Catholic Priest who father child is suspended”, Wisconsin, ( 16, 2009) ( )

“A Mother, a Sick Son and his Father, the Priest”, Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times, “Not What He Had Hoped For” “Priest Father is Suspended and under Inquiry”,(October 15, 2009) (https://www.nytimes/2009/10/16/us/16priest.html ).

“Nathan Halbach Son of a Catholic Priest Dies, The Gospel According to Hate”,(December 1,2009)( ).

“Rejoicing in death of a child? Nathan Halbach, Son abandoned by Father”, Wake Up For Life! (November 11, 2009) ( ).

The Unwanted: Memoirs of a Priest’s Daughter“,  by Esther Lyons. an autobiography of a woman born to an American Jesuit Priest and a Catholic nun from India. Born in India in 1941 to the time she leaves to start her new life in Australia with her mother and her two children in 1981. (1995( (ISBN 0646230131, ISBN 978-0646230139 ).

Child of a Catholic Priest.” by Jim Graham (TWITTER: @_jim_jimgraham45).

Seeking a Confession.” Documentary by Steven Brown on local NBC affiliate Buffalo, Channel2 WRGZ the journey of child of a priest Jim Graham. (A 9 part documentary).  (TWITTER: @_jim_jimgraham45).

My Story.”Jim Graham.  Part 1, by Karen Hensel’s 4 part series an award winning investigative reporter with NBC Channel 10 Boston. “The Priest from Lowell”, “The Nun in New York”.

Father, my father.” interview by Mike Rezendes (“Spotlight” 8/1617 expose) with Jim Graham re: his story “Child of a Catholic Priest.” (…   in the Boston Globe.

“Priests’ Relationships With Women Strain Many Ties. Priestly Affair, Silence Broken Over A Child”, – Morning Call (April 4, 1993) (https://www.mcall/news/mc-xpm-1993–4-04-2924911-story.html )

“Local Priest Who Broke Celibacy Featured On TV”– Morning Call, (April 4, 1993) ( )

“Son of Former Lehigh Valley Priest Says He Contemplated Suicide”, NBC!)Philadelphia, Jim Rosenfield,

“Catholic scandals prompt some women who had relationships with priests to ponder whether they too, were abused”, Washington Post, ( had-relationships-with-priests-to-ponder-whether-they-too-were-abused/2019/05/12/fac917e8-5ba9-11e9-a00e-050dc7b82693_story.html )

“Coverups Hurt Women and Kids, Counselors Say”, The Morning Call. (4/7/1993) Robert J. Dreisbach, a priest in the Allentown Diocese. The court took action after Theresa A. Engelhardt, the child’s mother filed for child support. ( ).

“Catholic Priest Must Make Child Support Payments”, Orlando Sentinel, (4/7/1993), ( ).

“Priest and His Son Are Bound by Poverty”, by William Lobdell, Los Angeles Times (, (

“Priest in Child Support Dispute”, by William Lobdell, Los Angeles Times, (July 24, 2005) ( (

“He Had Faith in his Job”, by William Lobdell, (July 17, 2007) ( ) (

“Clergy Sexual Abuse: Bibliography Selected Sources Related to Clergy Sexual Abuse, Ecclesiastical Politics, Theology and Church History”, Thomas P. Doyle (Revised May 3, 2015, 2015). ( )

“Sealed Records Disclosed Priest Father Child, Another”, Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY), (August 24, 2002) ( )

“Church supports priest that father a child”, Ledger Independent-Maysville Online (February 2, 2003) ( )

“Cafeteria Catholics : No special effects: A straight shot of Catholicism, Father Greg Shuler From Priest to Masseuse, (Aug.4, 2004) (againstallheresies.webs.) (https://againstallheresies.webs/fathergregshuler.htm )

“The Silent Majority: Adults Abused By Clergy: Sexual Misconduct by Priests, Pastors, Rabbis, Ministers”, website,  ( )

“Speaking Truth To Power On Sex Abuse”, by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative, (November 10,2017) (

“Bitterness of Priest’s Women Painfully Clear”,  by Madeleine Bunting, Irish Times, (September 21, 1996) (

“Children of Priests, Invisible Legion of Secrecy and Neglect”,  by Patricia Lefevere, (August 21, 2017) National Catholic Reporter,    (

“The Catholic Church’s Hidden Shame: Priests Abused Grown Women Too”, by Paul Moses, The Daily Beast, (September 8, 2018), (

“Why Pope Francis May Open the Door to Married Priests”, by ERASAMUS, The Economist (June 6, 2019), ( ).

“Catholic News World: Fr. Jonathan Morris former Legionary Priest and Fox News Contributor asks Pope’s permission to Leave Priesthood”, by Jesus Caritas,, (May 17, 02019)(–former-legionary.html ).

“Striving to Serve God and Family: Married Roman Catholic priests still yearn to serve their church. They seek an end to the mandatory celibacy as the church faces a critical shortage of active clergymen “, by Russell Chandler, (September 19, 1990) Los Angeles Times ( ).

“Confessions of a Catholic Whistleblower”, Siobhan M. O’Connor, First Things. (November 22,2018) (

“Dissertation or Thesis: Just as the Priests have their wives: priests and concubines in England, 1375-1549”,  (Carolina Digital Repository)  (https://cdr.lib.unc/concern/dissertations/qj72p752g )

Misogyny Is the Catholic Church’s Original Sin
Allowing female leadership could be the only way to save the ailing church”, by Sady Dorle, Gen.

“Altar of Secrets Sex, Politics, and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church”

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