OUR MISSION is to provide this website as a non-profit site for the EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT AND SUPPORT of Mothers and Children whose fathers are Roman Catholic Priests, seminarian or religious order clergy.

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This website was born into being by the networking with other of Mothers of Children whose biological Fathers are Roman Catholic Priests. We believe it’s important to not only network and educate, but to have Our Voices Heard, to Advocate For Justice for All Mothers and Children. 

Because the CANON LAWS were changed in 1123 and 1139, at the First and Second Lateran councils, the Roman Catholic priests were then forbidden to marry.  Currently Roman Catholic Priesthood chooses to require mandatory Celibacy. 

    Although the practice of celibacy is a wonderful discipline, it is unrealistic when promised early in the life cycle of a young man.  It is rarely followed and adhered to 100%.

    Celibacy is usually poorly understood and implemented by the Roman Catholic church and the supervisors of clergy.  Of note is that within the past 30 years various clinical studies show that only 50-60% of Roman Catholic priests are actually celibate at any one time.

    Thus it gives rise to a perpetual False Reality that it is a functional, working discipline of self sacrifice and piety that is adhered to!

    Actually, Celibacy as a lifestyle is only treated as an optional choice by most priests.  The “Fall-out”, collateral damage, are the adults, both women and men, also the children.

     Finally, the systemic cover-up of the Roman Catholic Church has finally been recognized publicly over the past 20+ years.    

   Unfortunately thousands of the mothers and their priest-children continue to be affected by this social stigma, shunning and persecution.   These unfortunate souls suffer shadow existence and lifestyle, compared to the priest father, the priest parent of the child that he has fathered. The harsh realities that the mother and her “priest-child” endure, is the cruel reality, the collateral damage from the immature men, lacking in moral integrity, who are priests.  They are Roman Catholic clergy or seminarians who do what they please, when they please, living a parallel lifestyle of piety vs one of sexual activity that they choose to not be accountable for or bear the responsibility of their actions.  

    These very priests also enter into irresponsible relationships with adult men, seminarians also.  Unfortunately, thousands of seminarians and adult men who have also been in relationships or had unwanted attention from priests too.

    Hundreds of thousands of children have been victims of the adult men in black clerical garb.   Over the past 30 + years we have come to know publicly of the vast cultural scandal of sexual active clergy since the exposure of this sexual subculture of abusive behavior.   Clinicians and authors: A.W. Richard Sipe, David Rice, Dr. Geraldine Robinson and Dr. Thomas G. Plante have researched and published numerous books, clinical studies and given interviews re: the broken promise of celibacy and coercive, manipulative behaviors by the Roman Catholic church to keep it secret.

     Now adults after enduring years of trauma, PTSD and mental health issues clerical abuse victims, their families, along with mothers of the children of priests and adult men this and are seeking the justice that they have been long denied. 

     The FALSE reality of CELIBACY as a mandatory requirement of the Roman Catholic priesthood, that it is working or that it is the only way for an ordained Roman Catholic priest to live is a falsehood.  Hundreds of thousands of the many brave ordained men have left the active Roman Catholic priesthood around the world to marry, function as priests in other denominations. Their very lives gives testimony that priests that are married have a valuable place in society, as do their wives and children.  The eastern Orthodox Catholic Church has continued with married clergy from it’s inception.

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